Friday, 10 February 2017

Megaliths at Aihole Pattadkal

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My first brush with prehistoric art was at Onake Kindi cave paintings at Anegundi, Karnataka dating over 3000 to 5000yrs . On my recent trip to Badami, I was on the lookout for similar paintings over there. So when I read about megalithic tombs at Bachanagudda and Aihole, I was on my toes to locate them... Indiana Jones style.

As we set out for Aihole and Pattadkal on 06.02.17, I was on the lookout for the megalithic tomb at Bachanagudda. ASI guide book of Pattadkal has mentioned it with a photo . I also got to know more about it at . I got the geo location submitted by Siddeshwar in his blog. Our autorickshaw driver had no idea what and where it was. Not surprising since many guides in Badami too had no idea. Luckily the geolocation was accurate (15°56'52.7"N 75°47'57.7"E and we spotted the stone structure right next to the road going towards Pattadkal.


 I had read in the blog that there were 2 structures over here. Could not find the 2nd one. These
 megaliths were used as markers over burial sites over 3000 yrs back.

 This one has no mortar joining them. The stones are standing due to the weight over each other.
 In some megaliths bodies were kept inside with some tools and pots.There must have been many of these structures together long ago. But due to ravaging by treasure hunters and by locals, only 2 are visible survivors here now.

I dont know how long these tombs at Bachangudda will be left standing. There is a dire need for conservation and protection of these monuments and the need for creating more awareness about tourists about these structures.


We then headed towards the ancient Jain temple along the road to Aihole. Siddeshwar's blog mentioned a whole complex of megaliths on the hillock behind the Jain temple.
By now, our autodriver Mr. Mallesh was intrigued with these megaliths. He decided to join us too. We first visited the jain temple which is a rock cut cave temple . I dont have an idea how old it is.

I soon started scouting the hillock to find an accessible pathway to the top. It had to be a simple climb since we could not have managed a difficult climb. Much to our delight, the climb was an easy one.
We were welcomed by a plateau of over 20 dolmens, maybe more. Many have collapsed possibly due to treasure seekers.



Here is the link to my video of this place:

Considering that the hill is hard rock, the bodies or their ashes must have been kept inside these tombs. No bones to be found now though.
Meguti temple and fort could be seen on the other side of the plateau.

There are some tombs still standing. Hope some active measures are taken up by ASI for protection of these monuments.
These tombs are of 2000 to 3000 yrs old and they must be given equal protection as are the monuments in Aihole and Pattadkal. If they disappear , history will be left poorer. And so will history buffs like my dad and me.


  1. Glad you saw the prehistoric spots - nice pictures and write up. Happier to see your father accompanying you in your explorations :)

    The second megalithic tomb of Bachingudda is barely 60 meters south-west of the two chamber tomb. Here's the location - 15°56′51.8″N 75°47′55.9″E.

  2. Thanks a lot. We will be visiting there again to cover hiregudda paintings as well. Thanks for sharing the location.